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English online CoResolve course

19 juni 2024 @ 19:00 – 10 juli 2024 @ 22:00
750 € excl. VAT
English online CoResolve course @ Online

Hummus organises an online edition of the CoResolve training course. 

The CoResolve training is a game changer for leaders and individuals seeking to significantly improve the way you run meetings, projects, client negotiations, and cross-functional task teams, really for any situation involving a group of people.

CoResolve is based on Lewis Deep Democracy, developed in post-apartheid South Africa and practised in over 20 countries worldwide. Lewis Deep Democracy includes a facilitation methodology that is particularly useful for resolving relationship and group dynamics that are emotionally charged or marked by diversity and difference. In CoResolve, we have honed these tools for leaders. In this method, a leader, trainer and teacher are identified as anyone driving a process to achieve an objective. CoResolve gives you the theoretical background, instructions, experiential learning opportunities, and long-term support that you need to begin using the most powerful and essential tools of Lewis Deep Democracy in your leadership.

In today’s complex organisations, the skillful handling of interpersonal and team dynamics has become a vital quality among leaders. 

The CoResolve course increases capacity to succeed in turbulent times by offering practical tools for working and thriving with the diversity of perspectives inside an organisation.

For who?

This course is specifically designed for all those who demonstrate leadership in these challenging times; as a board member, manager, team leader, head of department, chairman, group leader, or in the context of self-managing teams.

It is for all leaders who want to further develop their knowledge, skills, attitude and awareness in (managing) people and/or groups.

What will you learn in this training?

This training zooms in on day-to-day collaboration and making decisions together. With regard to the power differences that exist between us, we learn how to welcome all voices and also bring your own perspective into the dialogue or decision- making. We give ideas and inspiration to dialogue more dynamically and effectively. So you can work on the relational wiring of your team or organisation towards more psychological safety.

After these 4 sessions, you will have a lot of insights, tools and metaskills to work in the upper flow of your team or organisation to change course. 

You will:

  • Acquire an understanding of group dynamics based on process-oriented psychology.
  • Learn to (re)recognise minority voices, listen to, validate and include minority voices and look at them differently.
  • Practice facilitating business meetings with dynamic dialogues in which everyone feels involved and with creative and effective inclusive decision-making.
  • Learn to get buy-in from people, creativity, engagement within a clear set of boundaries.
  • Learn to be present, aware of what is going on.
  • Teach you to communicate clearly and thus be a role model to the group.
  • You realise how you can work towards more psychological safety in your team or organisation.

Practical information

  • 4 online sessions: 19, 26 June - 3, 10 July: 6 - 9 pm BST / 7 - 10 pm CET
  • Self study is required
  • Price: 750 € (excl. VAT) If you also book the Level 3 English edition, you get a 10% discount 
  • Access to the online learning platform 
  • Access to the E-book Deep Democracy (English version)
  • Lewis Deep Democracy international CoResolve certificate
  • Lead trainer: Fanny Matheusen & assistant trainer: Katrien Cloots
  • After completing this training, you can switch to the training programme for facilitators from Level 3 onwards if you wish. An English training will be organised in London combined with online sessions starting on 23rd September.